Solar System Repair
Have you ever experienced issues with your solar panel system and didn't know what to do? A system repair can help! At our company, we offer affordable and reliable repair services to ensure your solar panel system is operating optimally. Whether it's a faulty inverter, damaged wiring, or dead batteries, our expert technicians have the skills and tools to fix any issue. We make the process hassle-free and fun, with flexible scheduling and on-site repairs whenever possible.

Energy Upgrades

How Upgrades Work:

Energy upgrades utilize the latest & greatest technology to replace old and outdated equipment throughout your house. The new equipment we install requires less electricity to operate at a higher frequency, ultimately lowering your utility bill and saving you money. Our energy upgrades include pool pumps, water heaters, and attic insulation, the biggest contributors to potential energy loss. 




Why Do I Need My Solar System Professionally Repaired?

It's important to repair a solar panel system quickly if it's not working because a broken system can cause energy and financial losses. It can also be dangerous and lead to extra repair costs. Delaying repairs can worsen things and increase carbon emissions, harming the environment. Fixing the system promptly ensures it works safely and benefits the environment.



Why Choose PE Solar to Professional Repair My System?

At PE Solar, we understand the importance of a functioning solar panel system and strive to provide fast, reliable, and affordable repair services. Our team of professionals has extensive experience and training in solar panel repairs and can diagnose and fix any issue you may be experiencing.

We use the latest technology and equipment to restore your solar panel system to optimal performance. We aim to make the repair process convenient for our customers, offering flexible scheduling and on-site repairs whenever possible. We also provide transparent pricing and competitive rates to ensure our services fit your budget. With our help, you can have peace of mind knowing that your solar panel system is in good hands and functioning at its best.

three rows of solar panels on a clay tile roof

Ready to Get Your Solar Panel System Repaired?

Choose us for hassle-free solar panel repairs and peace of mind. PE Solar has been installing solar since 2010, and we're experts at what we do best. Whether you're a PE customer or not, we can provide help!


Frequently Asked Questions

(About Solar Panel Repair)


Once a solar panel is damaged, it cannot be repaired. For a solar panel to produce its best, it must be replaced.


Solar panels were manufactured to be incredibly durable, requiring little to no maintenance. If your solar panels are not producing at max capacity, a trained professional can assess the issue and find a solution. Although they do not need to be repaired often, they do need to be cleaned 2-3 times a year for better electricity production.


The cost of repairing a system depends on many factors. If you are a customer of PE Solar, your panels are covered under warranty. If you are another customer, one of our solar professionals will have to learn more about your system to give you a better quote.


Repairing a solar system can involve various steps depending on the specific issue. The power source, wiring, inverter, and batteries should be checked for faults. It's important to ensure that the panels receive enough sunlight and that all wiring connections are secure and free from damage or corrosion. If you're unsure of the problem or uncomfortable making repairs yourself, it's recommended to call a professional.


Although solar panels were built incredibly durable, they may run into some issues if installed improperly. One of the problems can be faulty wiring, which will prevent them from producing at max capacity. Delamination and internal corrosion can also happen if too much moisture gets inside the panels. And lastly, if solar panels build up dirt and grime, it will reduce the panel's efficiency.