Tired of Costly Monthly Utility Bills? A Solar Water Heater Installed by PE Solar May be Able to Help

Solar Water Heater

You’re tired after working all day and want nothing more than a warm, soothing bath. You step into the bathroom, turn the hot water knob, and – voila – warm water cascades into the tub. Wonderful, right? But, if you own a conventional water heater, you should know that the convenience of readily available warm water comes with a cost. In order for you to have hot water when you need it, your water heater must operate throughout the day, and this amounts to wasted energy. But with a solar water heater from PE Solar, you can enjoy hot water when you need it while also conserving energy.

Why Solar Water Heaters Make Sense

A solar water heater is an ideal option if you want to reduce your monthly energy bills, especially if your household uses a lot of warm water. And many households do, for everything from taking showers to washing dishes. Unlike conventional heaters that depend on gas or electricity to heat water, our solar units absorb heat from the ambient air and transfer it to water stored in the unit’s tank. For this reason, installing a PE Solar solar water heater:

  • Can lower your water-heating costs considerably, and in turn, help lower your monthly energy bills
  • Reduces your carbon footprint because solar heaters decrease your dependency on fossil fuels
  • Will add value to your home

Plus, you can save even more energy – and money – by choosing a solar heater with an 80-gallon storage tank. Additionally, homeowners who install solar heaters are eligible for multiple financial incentives in the form of city, state, or federal tax credits and rebates, making it even more cost-effective for you to make the switch to solar.

When we install your solar heater, you can be confident that it will function as designed from day one because our factory-trained technicians strictly adhere to installation guidelines established by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners. As proof of our consistently stellar workmanship, consider our long-held A+ rating for customer satisfaction from the Better Business Bureau.

Want more information about the benefits of installing a solar water heater in your Arizona or Florida home? Contact PE Solar today.

About Us
About Us

PE Solar was created with the vision of providing cost-effective forms of renewable energy to Arizona homeowners. We believe going green is a rewarding and intelligent decision. We take personal pride in the relationships we build with our homeowners, and rely on word of mouth advertising from happy clients to spread our name in the industry.