A Battery for Your Solar Panel System Can Keep Your Lights on During an Emergency

Solar Panel Battery

A solar panel system supplies homes with power by capturing energy from the sun and converting it into usable electricity. If your home’s solar panel system is tied to the electric grid, the extra energy that your panels produce is fed back to the grid. But, whenever your home consumes more energy than your panels can produce – such as at night, when panels cannot produce energy – your home must draw power from the grid. This means that if your local utility company experiences a power disruption at night, your home will be left without power. A solar panel backup battery from PE Solar offers the perfect solution for this problem.

Solar Energy When You Need It

PE Solar offers and installs batteries that store the extra energy generated by your solar panels, allowing you to conserve solar energy for later use. This flexibility maximizes your ability to use energy created by your solar panel system on a daily basis, instead of just selling this energy back to the utility company for power credits. Furthermore, the solar panel battery products that we install:

  • Provide backup power without producing greenhouse gases as many generators do
  • Maintain a stable structure against frequent charging and discharging
  • Are engineered for longevity to give you years of cost-effective service
  • Feature a compact design to minimize dead space inside the cell
  • Offer maximum thermal stability thanks to their unique “stack and folding” design

At PE Solar, we are committed to helping you save on energy bills year after year, which is why we avoid any cost-cutting measures that can prove counterproductive in the long run. We rely only on experienced, factory-trained installers to ensure the highest level of workmanship. And, unlike other solar companies that have the same person in charge of sales, installation, and quality control, we assign a dedicated team member to serve as your personal liaison with the specialists at PE Solar to ensure your complete satisfaction with every aspect of your project. Plus, we quality-check our projects using third-party inspections to give you extra confidence in our work.

For more information about the benefits of installing a backup battery for your solar panel system, contact PE Solar today. We proudly serve residents of Arizona and Florida.

About Us
About Us

PE Solar was created with the vision of providing cost-effective forms of renewable energy to Arizona homeowners. We believe going green is a rewarding and intelligent decision. We take personal pride in the relationships we build with our homeowners, and rely on word of mouth advertising from happy clients to spread our name in the industry.