Solar Panel Efficiency: What You Need to Know

Solar Panel EfficiencyAn energy efficient product is one that uses less energy than a comparable product to perform the same work. But, when it comes to solar panels, is energy efficiency important? If you’re like most homeowners, it’s understandable if you think it is, as energy efficient products offer numerous benefits, not the least of which is that they save you money. According to the Alliance to Save Energy, the average American household spends $5,500 a year on energy, but using energy-efficient appliances can cut that cost by 30 percent, saving hundreds of dollars. But solar panel efficiency – the amount of power a panel produces compared with other panels – is not the only criteria when deciding which panels to install at your residence.

Cost Vs. Value

Higher efficiency solar panels displace more energy per square inch of the surface than lower efficiency ones. Therefore, if your roof space is limited, or if you want to maximize the amount of energy your solar power system produces, higher efficiency panels would be better options. But keep in mind that these panels tend to cost more than their less efficient counterparts. So, you may want to assess whether the increased energy savings offered by high-efficiency panels is worth the greater upfront costs.

Also, regardless of efficiency, all solar panels have industry-standard wattages, the most common being 250 watts. In other words, no matter how efficient a panel is, it will produce 250 watts of energy. A more efficient solar panel system, then, would save roof space, but would not produce more power or lead to potentially greater cost savings than a less efficient system. In fact, for a small panel efficiency increase, you could end up paying as much 40 percent more for your system.

PE Solar Has You Covered

At PE Solar, we install solar panels from Tier 1 manufacturers only. These panels have proven optimal for homeowners in Arizona and Florida, the perpetually sunny states that we proudly serve. Our years of experience in the industry means that you can trust us to design a solar power system that can meet all of your household’s energy needs and provide you with years of energy savings.

To give you confidence in your investment, our Tier 1 panels come backed by a 25-year warranty and we offer a two-year labor warranty on all solar panel installations. Contact PE Solar today to learn more about solar panel efficiency or our Tier I solar panels, and be sure to ask about the convenient financing options we offer to qualified homeowners.

About Us
About Us

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