What is a Solar Inverter?

Solar InverterFor many homeowners, a comprehensive solar energy system includes solar panels, a solar inverter, a solar water heater, and backup batteries. While the latter two are great cost-effective options, they are not necessary for solar energy production. Panels and an inverter, however, are vital.

It’s often said that solar panels absorb sunlight and convert it into the electricity that powers homes, but that’s not quite accurate. Solar panels do absorb sunlight, but the power they produce is direct current (DC) electricity, while the energy we use in our homes is alternating current (AC) electricity. An inverter can be thought of as the brains of a solar panel system because it “inverts” the DC power into usable AC power. For your system to supply your home with electricity, all the solar energy generated by your panels must pass through the inverter. In view of this, you can understand why an energy-inefficient inverter could diminish any cost-savings you might expect from having a solar panel system.

Which Type is Best?

At PE Solar, we install solar inverters that are 98 percent efficient, and, in fact, are among the most efficient on the market. Our inverters also feature energy production tracking, allowing you to track the amount of energy that your solar panel system produces every day.

We offer two types of solar inverters – micro and string. Micro inverters are built to handle small DC loads, and for every solar panel you have, you will need one micro inverter. So, if a panel or inverter malfunctions, other panels and inverters will continue to work. This makes micro inverters optimal for homes that get a lot of shade.

String inverters, on the other hand, are larger and are designed to handle the wattage of an entire solar panel array. They are also used more than micro inverters. You will need only one string inverter for your solar energy system. String inverters are also extremely reliable, highly efficient, and easy to service.

If you would like to know which type of solar inverter would be right for your home, contact PE Solar. One of our knowledgeable representatives would be more than happy to help you.

About Us
About Us

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