The Benefits of Solar Battery Storage

Solar Battery StorageTo understand the benefits of using a backup battery for your solar panel system, it’s important to know what net metering is. Also known as an interconnection agreement, net metering allows you to feed the surplus energy your system generates back to the local power grid. If your home is net-metered, your electricity meter will spin backward, in effect, crediting you for the energy you added to the grid. Basically, net metering allows you to export solar power to the grid so that you can use energy when you need it. This is especially helpful at nights, or on cloudy days, when solar panels cannot produce energy and you need to rely on the power company for electricity.

But there’s a catch. If the utility company experiences a power outage, your home will be left without electricity. That’s why solar battery storage is important. A backup solar battery stores the excess energy produced by your solar panels, allowing you to use it instead of feeding it back to the power company for credits. With a backup battery added to your solar panel system, you will have electricity during power outages while still offsetting your energy costs.

Let PE Solar Help You

PE Solar offers and installs backup batteries that are engineered for longevity to provide you with many years of energy savings. In fact, our batteries have a longer lifespan than comparable products. Unlike the large, bulky batteries of the past, our batteries also feature a compact design that minimizes dead space inside the cell.

As with our solar panel systems, only factory-trained and experienced technicians install our backup batteries to ensure some of the highest workmanship standards in the industry. We avoid cost-cutting measures and check our jobs for quality using third-party inspections.

For more information about solar battery storage and the benefits of turning to us for backup batteries, contact PE Solar today.

About Us
About Us

PE Solar was created with the vision of providing cost-effective forms of renewable energy to Arizona homeowners. We believe going green is a rewarding and intelligent decision. We take personal pride in the relationships we build with our homeowners, and rely on word of mouth advertising from happy clients to spread our name in the industry.