Solar Panel Removal
Ensure a seamless transition during your move or roof replacement with our efficient and reliable solar panel removal and storage solutions. Our experienced team handles all the heavy lifting, safely removing and storing your solar panels (if applicable) to protect your investment and maintain maximum energy efficiency. Please feel free to contact us today for hassle-free solutions and expert service.

Energy Upgrades

How Upgrades Work:

Energy upgrades utilize the latest & greatest technology to replace old and outdated equipment throughout your house. The new equipment we install requires less electricity to operate at a higher frequency, ultimately lowering your utility bill and saving you money. Our energy upgrades include pool pumps, water heaters, and attic insulation, the biggest contributors to potential energy loss. 




Why Do I Need My Solar Panels Professionally Removed?

There are several reasons why a homeowner might need to remove their solar panel system temporarily. One common reason is if they are replacing their roof. Solar panels are typically installed on the roof; if the roof needs to be replaced, the panels must be removed to complete the work. Another reason could be if the homeowner is moving to a new location and wants to take their solar panel system. The panels must be removed, transported, and re-installed at the new location.

Additionally, suppose the homeowner plans to make significant changes or renovations to their home, such as adding an extension or a new level. In that case, they may need to temporarily remove the solar panels to allow the construction work to occur. No matter what the reason, our professional team can ensure that your solar panel system is safely removed and stored and then re-installed when the time comes, providing peace of mind and hassle-free solutions for your solar needs.


Why Choose PE Solar to Professionally Remove My Panels?

If you're considering moving to a new home or replacing your roof, it's important to ensure your solar panel system is properly removed and relocated to maintain its maximum efficiency and preserve your investment. At PE Solar, we specialize in providing efficient and reliable solar panel removal services that make the process as seamless as possible.

We take pride in providing hassle-free, environmentally friendly solutions that ensure the integrity of your system and protect your investment. With our professional services, you can rest assured that your solar panel system will be properly removed, allowing you to focus on the next steps in your move or roof replacement.

three rows of solar panels on a clay tile roof

Ready to Get Your Solar Panels Removed?

Leave the heavy lifting to us - our experienced team offers hassle-free solar panel removal services that ensure a smooth transition during your move or roof replacement while preserving the integrity of your system and maintaining maximum energy efficiency.


Frequently Asked Questions

(About Solar Panel Removal)


Although solar panels are relatively easy to remove, there are a lot of health and product risks without the right tools and expertise. A highly trained professional can easily remove and reinstall the panels with the proper steps and precautions.


The process for solar panel removal can take approximately 3-5 days.


Removing them from your roof can cost between $300 and $500. However, removing and reinstalling solar panels can average around $1,500. Depending on the size of your solar system, pricing, and other factors will vary.


The first step to remove solar panels is to contract a certified and trained professional. Solar panels contain electrical parts and currents that can be a health risk to untrained professionals.


When installing panels on your roof, there are large bolts drilled into the roof to secure the panels. Installing and removing these panels will not damage your roof if handled by a professional who has been trained in the process of safely and securely removing panels. Removing solar panels is complicated and can damage your roof if not handled by a certified professional.