Solar Panel Cleaning
Washing your solar panels is like changing the oil in your car. It's not required every month, but when you perform quick maintenance, it can help extend the lifetime of your system. A clean solar panel will operate at a higher level than one covered in dirt and grime. If your panels are dirty, don't worry, we make it easy to get them bright and shiny again. One of our representatives will come out, hop onto your roof, scrub them down, or use a long brush from the ground.

Energy Upgrades

How Upgrades Work:

Energy upgrades utilize the latest & greatest technology to replace old and outdated equipment throughout your house. The new equipment we install requires less electricity to operate at a higher frequency, ultimately lowering your utility bill and saving you money. Our energy upgrades include pool pumps, water heaters, and attic insulation, the biggest contributors to potential energy loss. 




Why Do I Need My Solar Panels Professionally Cleaned?

Solar panels can get very dirty depending on which state you call home. For example, a state with a drier climate will produce more dust and grime than a wooden area state. In a state like North Carolina or Maryland, the trees will produce a lot of leaves and pollen, which can cause a massive pile-up on your panels. Whether you deal with dust or leaves, anything that comes in between the solar panels and the sun will automatically reduce the production of your solar panel system. It's highly recommended that you clean your panels after Summer and Winter.

Not only does cleaning your solar panels increase the panels' efficiency over time, but it also helps save a few extra bucks. That's right; a dirty panel will produce about 90%-95% less energy than a clean panel.


Why Choose PE Solar to Professionally Clean My Panels?

PE Solar is one of the oldest solar companies in the nation. Our solar panel installation crews have been servicing solar systems since 2011. If your panels are dirty, give us a call, and one of our certified solar professionals will come out and scrub them down. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we'll do whatever it takes to make you happy with our cleaning service.

PE Solar is licensed, bonded, and insured in Arizona, Florida, Nevada, and North Carolina. If you haven't already received a free cleaning quote, click here. We look forward to transforming your dirty solar panels into sparkling new ones!


three rows of solar panels on a clay tile roof

Do You Need Your Solar Panels Cleaned?

Protect your solar investment and boost energy output with regular professional panel cleaning services from our expert team. Our thorough and efficient cleaning process removes dirt, debris, and grime buildup, ensuring your solar panels work at their maximum potential, providing optimal energy savings and a longer lifespan for your solar system.


Frequently Asked Questions

(About Solar Panel Cleaning)


Yes, clean solar panels produce at max capacity and are more efficient. Not only do they produce more energy, but they also make the panels last longer.


When dirt and debris get in between the sun and the solar panels, it decreases the panel's efficiency. Clean panels can attract more sun and produce more electricity.


It is not required to clean your panels if you live in an area with rain, but it is recommended that you clean your solar panels two to three times a year. Clean solar panels maintain efficiency levels over time.


Yes, however, we highly recommend contacting a professional to clean your panels.


The cost for solar panel cleaning services ranges from $150 to $500 per system. If you would like a quote to clean your panels, contact us today!