PE Solar Offers Duct Sealing Service to Help You Conserve Energy

Duct SealingWith thousands of projects completed since 2010, PE Solar is one of the trusted residential solar installers in the nation. But, as dedicated professionals committed to helping homeowners conserve energy, we do more than solar installations. We also offer residential upgrades to improve your home’s energy efficiency. Our duct sealing service is one of our most straightforward and popular options. Consider that in the average air-conditioned home, about 25 percent of the air that moves through the duct system escapes through leaks, holes, and poorly linked ducts. The likely result? Higher utility bills due to wasted energy.

Does Your Home Have Leaky Ducts?

If you’re not sure, our experienced home energy professionals can help you find out. We will conduct a thorough whole-home assessment to determine exactly where your duct system may be leaking. Here are a few signs that it probably is:

  • High monthly energy bills
  • Difficulty cooling or heating your home
  • Uneven temperatures from room to room
  • Excessive dust in your home
  • Tangled or kinked ductwork

We Make Energy Conservation Simple

Whether your ducts are in your attic, walls, or basements, our skilled, factory-trained technicians will seal them properly and safely, so that they remain airtight for years to come. As our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau demonstrates, we boast high standards of customer service, so if you have any question or concerns about your duct sealing, you can expect that our team members will promptly address them.

For more information about duct sealing or other cost-saving upgrades we offer to residents of Florida and Arizona, contact PE Solar today.

About Us
About Us

PE Solar was created with the vision of providing cost-effective forms of renewable energy to Arizona homeowners. We believe going green is a rewarding and intelligent decision. We take personal pride in the relationships we build with our homeowners, and rely on word of mouth advertising from happy clients to spread our name in the industry.