With all those choices, What makes PE the right CHOICE?

By Jessica Goguen on May 5, 2020 3:58:44 PM

There are so many great solar companies that any customer could choose. So what makes PE Solar the best and right choice for you?

PE Solar offers their customers more than just solar panel installation. If your home needs insulation, or more insulation blown, we can do that for you! We can also install a hybrid water heater for your home. If your home has a pool, we can install a hybrid pool pump. All three of these upgrades will help lower your utility bill each month. And for North Carolina customers, we bundle your solar panels with new thermostats to help lower your utility bills!

PE Solar also offers superior solar installation. We perform a thorough quality check 30 days after your account has been completed. This check ensures your system is producing at its maximum capability. All of our customers' systems are monitored by you, our customer! The first year of solar is always a learning experience and we want to make it an easy process for you. During this check, PE Solar helps you get to know your solar system as well as our dependable service team.

But the most unique aspect PE Solar has to offer is our one-of-a-kind team! We strive to provide an easy and reliable solar installation process for each individual customer. Our team is hard-working and dedicated to making our customers feel at ease every step of the way. PE Solar is educated, experienced, and available to answer your questions, making the whole installation process as smooth as possible.

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