How Will Covid Effect My Electric Bills?

By Mark Coulter on Apr 30, 2020 4:57:06 PM

We at PE Solar continue to service our customers, and our primary focus is on the comfort and safety of our customers and our staff. 

What To Expect

So you're working from Home now, the computer is running, the AC is on and the fridge is getting opened more often.  Its safe to say that the homes energy consumption is going to increase.  The goal is to find ways to control it, prepare for it and frankly just accept that like everyone, your summer bills are going to be higher.    

During this unprecedented time of temporary business and school closures and the increasing number of people staying and working from home, the energy industry is seeing a shift in energy usage patterns as Commercial and Industrial energy usage declines and residential energy usage is on the increase since the beginning of March 2020.  This will have a direct impact on your energy usage and your monthly energy bills in the homes of customers who are staying and working from home.

What this means to you

  • Your energy usage, including lights, appliances, air conditioning, etc. will increase the more you are at home, and as the outside temperatures rise
  • There is a high probability your monthly utility bill will increase in proportion to your increased usage during this period as well.  If you already have solar, these higher bills may not indicate a problem with your solar system or production.  keep in mind the systems were designed for your typical usage patterns and were never designed to account for these unexpected long-term events.  The good news is, once we all return to our workplaces, schools and begin leaving the house the bills will return to their pre-pandemic averages.  

What can you do?

  • Once you have used up your solar produced energy, you will be using electricity from your Utility company and will be charged according to their existing rates
  • To keep your costs as low as possible, continue to practice good energy saving habits such as turning off lights, pre-cooling your homes, unplugging unused appliances, and staying aware of more costly peak periods. 

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