Bird Prevention
Bird netting is one of our most asked-for additions when installing a solar system. Homeowners across the country know that when animals nestle in their homes, it's always bad news. When we birdproof a solar panel array, we wrap a wire mesh around the edges to prevent birds from hoping underneath. The process is affordable and simple to save you headaches down the road. Applying our netting will be your best solution if you have a bird problem.

Energy Upgrades

How Upgrades Work:

Energy upgrades utilize the latest & greatest technology to replace old and outdated equipment throughout your house. The new equipment we install requires less electricity to operate at a higher frequency, ultimately lowering your utility bill and saving you money. Our energy upgrades include pool pumps, water heaters, and attic insulation, the biggest contributors to potential energy loss. 




Why Do I Need to Bird Proof My Solar Panels?

Roofs, especially those with solar panels, are ideal for pigeons and other birds to nest. These panels not only provide them with protection from the sun and wind but also from other predators. Because panels are so inviting to birds, they can also attract other rodents. Rodents can chew through the wiring and cause electrical fires and other headaches down the road with shortages and panel production loss.

Although these birds and rodents benefit from living under your solar panels, you are not. If you look up on top of your roof and see a flock of birds, you might want to look into bird netting your panels. The weather-resistant mesh can be installed without harming the roof or your panels; the best part is that it is almost invisible once installed.


Why Choose PE Solar to Bird Net My House?

PE Solar is one of the oldest solar companies in the nation. Our solar panel installation crews have been servicing solar systems since 2011. If birds are making a mess on your panels, give us a call, and one of our certified solar professionals will come out and install bird netting. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we look forward to protecting your panels.

PE Solar is licensed, bonded, and insured in Arizona, Florida, Nevada, and North Carolina.

three rows of solar panels on a clay tile roof

Ready to Get Your Panels Bird Proofed?

Trust our experienced team to install bird netting that is both effective and environmentally friendly, preserving the integrity of your solar system while maintaining a safe and healthy environment for birds.


Frequently Asked Questions

(About Bird Prevention)


Yes, bird netting a solar panel system is the best solution to combating birds.


No. Bird netting is the recommended method to keep birds from nesting under solar panels, preventing stress and harm to both animals and equipment.


Bird netting is one of the most effective bird proofing options. Not only does it prevent bird droppings on the panels, but it also relocates the bird's nesting area entirely.


Absolutely. Bird droppings are highly acidic and can cause structural damage to the panels. If the panels are dirty, scratched, or damaged, they will not function with max capacity.


Solar panels are a haven for birds. Not only do panels protect them from the sun and wind, but also other predators. The stress they place on the roof and panels is substantial.